Energy companies vs. our common bond of life and planet

BIG SPRINGS, WV — I wondered how I would begin this article. And I can only begin by saying that We the People are under attack by our very own government and by the energy companies that own it. It’s insane, but the good news is if we unite to defend our land and our health we will win.

As many of you already know, the energy companies have had full reign over our lives since the industrial revolution began. The laws are not for We the People but are for corporate greed. This has made us all sick, taken our land, and made them a very powerful force to a point where they own armies and other governments across the globe.

Now they have the Chinese energy company that bought out Australia and several states such as Alabama, Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada, coming to West Virginia to rape the land and sicken these people like the American corporations do. They won’t use locals for the work, in fact they actually bought/leased the infrastructure already in place. The shale oil and CSG (coal scam gas) they get won’t be for Americans, it is for China. So, in other words, our government sold our land to a foreign country leaving us to pay for the mess.

And to add insult to injury the Atlantic coast pipeline will begin construction on April 1. It will be like the other 2.4 million miles of leaking pipelines already in place.

So, my question, brothers and sisters, is: When do we stand up and stop the rape of our land? When do we take back our resources, our very health, and our children’s future? There is only one planet and with no planet there will be no life. Are you prepared to die for corporate greed? Is it OK to be poisoned and killed by foreign powers—or by any corporation? Will we leave our children and grandchildren a planet they can even live on?

If you see the evil in these corporate Earth killers, please stand up. Let’s begin talking about how we can stop this and then take action. We can do this as a united front with the common bond of LIFE and PLANET because all of us have this planet in common and need Her to sustain our lives.

I will be forming groups soon. You can do this in your state as well because guess what? You think they are going to stop with West Virginia? NO! Soon, very soon, the energy corporations will be in your backyard. They already may be there and you don’t know it.

It’s time to put our differences aside for a minute and take care of our common bond, our planet, and our families wellbeing. It’s time to save our own lives because we have been sold by our government to the highest bidder. Think about this.

I love you, Tribe … please help those of us who love Earth … home … and life.


Bill Bunting produces videos that seek to build unity around the life or death issues of concern to us all. Contact Bill on Facebook.

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One thought on “Energy companies vs. our common bond of life and planet

  1. Well, what can I say? Very informative and very well said…it’s tragic, but the point about forming groups is one of the most important things you said, Bill.

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