The fight for water and earth faces corporate power

While fighting to stop the immoral water shutoffs, people are also (at this protest) demanding that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality protect clean water for Flint and Detroiters and stop allowing companies to dump toxic fracking waste into the water and sewerage system.


On these pages are stories from the many water and environmental struggles taking place across our country, all of which are butting up against the reign of corporate power. Today, Flint is still without clean water. But when General Motors, with its giant production plant in Flint discovered that their auto parts were rusting from toxic water, their water source was immediately switched. The people of Flint had to keep using the poisoned water. This year Detroit shut off running water to 1 in 10 homes that were unable to pay the skyrocketing price. The corporate drive to own the water is behind both the Flint and Detroit story. Puerto Ricans still face unsafe water and limited electricity, but government is busy clearing the way for profit-hungry corporations to gain from people’s misery. Appalachians are dying from cancer from the coal industry; native peoples and farmers are fighting energy industry and pipelines that threaten land and water, but government supports the fossil fuel industry.

What is the resolution to our life or death crisis? How do we stop the corporate destruction of humanity and our Earth? How do we get power over these giant corporations instead of them having power over us? To answer this, we have to begin asking crucial questions. That is, do corporations have a right to profit from and own the public’s water, energy, food, healthcare and all else we need for our survival? And, does government have a right to serve the corporations rather than our needs? These are revolutionary questions. And, the future of humanity rests on the answer.


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