The life or death fight for water and Earth

Protest in Lansing, Michigan at the Department of Environmental Quality office. One sign says, “Say no to Nestle’s water grab.” PHOTO/PEGGY CASE


The immoral corporate drive to own and/or control the public’s water, and the poisoning, shutoffs and rising cost of water, is drawing communities across the country into a life or death struggle for access to clean and affordable water and a safe Earth. On these pages are articles from Flint where people still fight the poisoning, and from Appalachia where mountain top removal is threatening the Earth and human lives, and where people are dying of cancer from toxic water that our government and local public officials don’t seem to care about. Amidst all of the human suffering, we are overjoyed to have received the story about the victory against privatization of the water in Atlantic City, NJ. Their message to all of us is: “Our water, our voice!” Send us your story! – The People’s Tribune


Coalfield county organizes for clean water


Mountaintop removal: Destroying communities and the environment


We Win! Atlantic City’s water stays public; Victory for grassroots organizing against water privatization


Flint Rappers Call Out Water Crisis


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