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I’m full of promise but I need help! Confused! Misguided! Mentally disturbed child with nothing to go back home to except drugs, danger and the streets. Emotionally drained from depressing personal situations. My mind is on overload. I can’t count on the corporate world, where is my government?

Brought out from home across the country to play football, you would think that the head coach would love and take care of me. But instead, it all turned out to be lies housing us out-of-state players with holes in the wall, rats, and even warehouses. Imagine sleeping shivering, seeing your breath slowly exhaling feelings of hatred. Being treated like an animal because of who we are. It makes me wonder why they would want someone to become homeless? A coach should take on the responsibilities of each and every one of the young men who are sacrificing their lives every day.

One kid’s story really stood out for me. A very athletic kid who’s battling in the streets as we speak, giving up on his dream because he refused to continue to sleep in cars, on hotel lobby floors, and going from house to house. Another kid, who prays for the team before every game, a very nice kid, then becomes homeless with depression like his best friend. Taking care of his mom financially with the help from his sister who is battling breast cancer.

We talk about the youth and how they’re the next to change society. But none of that will ever matter if we never change and help the ones who actually are trying to keep from being another African American statistic of poverty and incarceration.

What happened to all of our brothers and sisters dreams of uniting as one and walking together Black, Powerful, and Proud? I am Dr. King, I am Rosa Parks, I am Lamar Smith, I am Trayvon Martin, I am Huey P. Newton, I am Harriet Tubman, I am James Baldwin, I am Angela Davis, I am Andrew Young. We have let this system deconstruct our brains to what we think we deserve instead of thinking we are royalty. We shouldn’t let our brothers and sisters continue to struggle when we can make a change. “One voice can be a child’s inspiration to be successful.” Let’s take time out to think about those we lost. May you rest in paradise. Be strong, stay woke, Power to the people!

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