Immigrants point to a society where everyone’s dreams can be realized

Texas’s new anti-immigrant law appears to be contrary to people’s wishes. Nearly three quarters of Texans are concerned about undocumented immigration. But more than three out of five think immigration is a plus and oppose building a wall. Even more don’t want to deport the state’s millions of undocumented residents, with 80 percent of the youth defending immigration and immigrants.

The burning issues in the immigrant rights movement are: “Trump’s wall,” chain immigration (where relatives of immigrants can join their families in the U.S.), the rising border patrol budget, and the fate of the Dreamers. Dreamers are the 800,000 young people who are threatened with deportation. Dreamers want to stay and they want their parents to stay, too.

Neither Democrats or Republicans, nor their corporate masters who rule this country, those who own the giant industry and banks, care about the fate of the immigrants or any other worker. The immigration issue being battered around in Congress is a political smokescreen. The “wall” is really about using government funds to line the pockets of the corporations that build the wall. Further, it is a means to beef up a police state that eventually will be used to terrorize any of us that stand up for our rights. The truth is: the majority of us face a growing poverty today as the jobs go by the wayside. We can only survive by joining together and protecting one another, not by fighting separately. First, we must fight for immigration laws that protect both the Dreamers and all immigrants. Families should not be separated. This will be a step toward creating a moral society where everyone’s dreams can be realized.


A Dreamer breaks her silence


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