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On Housing for all or death in the killing cold,” February, 2018

“I am a senior citizen working multiple jobs and I have two disabilities. Recently approved for Section 811 housing, I am now told there are no apartments and to look elsewhere. I am relegated to either living in my car or rent a room from a stranger. So far, I have been sexually assaulted, subject to mentally ill landlord’s crazy behavior, heat set at 60 when its 7 degrees outside, and theft of items. To add insult, I am forced to pay top dollar to keep a roof over my head. Why isn’t Eminent Domain used to take abandoned property and convert to affordable housing? Shopping centers are in receivership and would make ideal micro-housing but instead they remain blighted and vacant. I am scared because I am on my own and nobody cares.” — Susan

On The uncanny hatred towards the homeless endangers the homeless community,” February, 2018.

“Yes! There is too much hatred out there! I was homeless many different times in my life, and been called all kinds of names! You don’t want to be homeless in San Clements, CA. City passed a no camping ban, after a homeowner went around filming homeless campsites with a drone and presented it to the City Council. Now the Sheriff’s Deputies are writing out illegal camping tickets. I can’t believe how we treat the homeless! They’re just down on their luck, and of course are human beings just like everyone. Thank-you you do a great cause and I enjoyed your Facebook page.” — Danny Scharton

On “The real plight of the homeless told by the homeless,” April, 2017

I spent a dozen years homeless, ‘til 3/20/17. The last 6+ years I camped at the same spot, & during that time lost all my stuff 3 times. Every single time I lost it to the County of Orange Public Works during one of their sweeps. By law, found property must be stored safely & securely for 90 days. Never happened, they threw my stuff into a compactor trash truck & destroyed it. How would you feel if someone had the power to decide if you got to keep your personal property or not? SURPRISE!! You too, are subject to this type of thing, just look up “Kelo vs. New London”, SCOTUS (U.S. Supreme Court) ruled that govt can take private property for another private party to develop for private use. So you no longer own your property, your house, your land. So I guess I’ll say to you, “Welcome to the Katella bridge, we don’t allow no thieving or drama here. If that is a problem for you, I suggest you kick rocks to someplace else.”  — E. K. Carson


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