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Women’s March, Wash., DC., 2017
Photo/Adrian Garcia


“Her visit was truly amazing, our community was truly inspired by her,” said a professor about a Flint water warrior who spoke at a college campus.

Speakers for a New America promotes leaders in the forefront of the fight for a new society. Speakers’ topics include the fight for clean affordable water, women’s rights, saving the Earth, in defense of immigrants, for housing for all, the rising police state, and healthcare for all. Our speakers bring a spirit of unity and point to a new society where everyone’s needs will be met. Speakers are also available for observances such as Black History Month, Latino Heritage Month, Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week, and more. Call us today at 800-691-6888 or email info@speakersforanewamerica.com. Visit us on the web at speakersforanewamerica.com

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