The life and death fight for publicly owned clean, affordable water

People across the country are forced to drink toxic water — and pay high prices for it !


The water crisis — the poisoning, the shutoffs, the pipeline threats, the destruction of our streams and water ways, the increasing price of water, the effort of corporations to own the public’s water and profit from its sale — is creating a life or death movement throughout the country. The stories below illustrate the breadth of this struggle. We hope the coverage will help communities begin to contact one another and talk strategies. Please send your community’s story to the People’s Tribune at or visit our website at — The editors


Mayor says no to water testing in town where people are sick


Candidate dragged out of WV House Chambers for exposing Delegates’ campaign donors


Reading scores plummet since Flint water crisis began


“Get The Lead Out Rally” at Milwaukee City Hall


Will Minnesota stop Enbridge pipeline from invading Native American lands?


“They’re raising the cost of water 49%” says Kentucky resident


“Nobody should have to beg for clean water, clean air and prosperity,” says West Virginian


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