Women’s History Month

Women’s March in Michigan, 2017.


Within these pages of the People’s Tribune are strong articles by woman, in honor of Women’s History Month. While women are increasingly represented in the elite corporate circles, the women presented here represent the great majority. They are those who are struggling even harder than ever to keep a roof over their head, fight sexual harassment, keep their faucets running, and feed and clothe their children. They are out of necessity in the forefront of the fight for a just society— one that provides for us all. Technology is producing a world of plenty. No one need go without anything today. But that technology and the wealth it produces is owned by corporations who own our government. Will the government enthrone the corporations or will it provide for the needs of all people? This is the battleground, and women are leading the way. – The Editors


Mayor says no to water testing in town where people are sick


Dear Welfare Queens


Lupe, a Skid Row activist, speaks about women’s lives


Candidate dragged out of WV House Chambers for exposing Delegates’ campaign donors


‘You are our voice’


“It’s time to go outside, to organize . . .”


“Nobody should have to beg for clean water, clean air and prosperity,” says West Virginian


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