Earth Day: A new perspective

People’s Climate March, New York City in 2014.


April 22nd will mark the 48th anniversary of Earth Day. A day of global awareness of our planet and the impact and relationship we have with our life giving Mother Earth.

Many choose to use this marked day as a day to speak out against the energy companies that make our planet toxic, steal our fresh water and use it for fracking, dumping toxic waste into our creeks and rivers, and many even worse crimes against a defenseless planet.

And there are many more that use it as a day to reconnect with the natural realm. To show others the beauty and power of our Earth. To even show alternative ways to coexist with Her for a healthy life and lifestyle.

Well, this Earth Day, I want to show a different perspective of how this day could be a unifying media for a healthy planet as well as an end to the endless social wars and divisions we face every day. I would love to see this day recognized as a day of brotherhood and unity for this very Earth we all need to live and grow.

If we are to recognize our planet as in dire straits and needing healing, well we as humans are the ones who damage Her, make Her sick, and destroy Her ability to replenish our food, water and lives because of the society and lifestyle we are being sold by major corporations. If we are to condemn the energy companies we must also realize that We the People are the consumers of this failed industry, and therefore responsible for the planet’s health. We are responsible for our clean water and good food.

This is what should be seen on Earth Day: A united front of ALL mankind seeing the error of our ways and changing our collective social and industrial habits to better coexist with all of our ONLY life source.

We can only do this by dropping the baggage . . . the hate . . . and the blame that’s used against us to keep us divided so we don’t see them selling us a fake life.

Through unity and brotherhood we can save our planet by coming together to change how we are with Mother Earth, our brother, our family, and how we live on Her.

So think about that this Earth day. It is the only way we can have a future on a healthy planet.


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