Ending homelessness

“First they came for the homeless” is a Berkeley-based group fighting for the rights of the homeless people.


The articles below show homeless people unifying, forming encampments where they take care of one another and demanding their right to housing. As one organizer said, “We need tent cities. We need a government who doesn’t stand for the rich. We need housing that is affordable. We need to have rights.” And, as the February, 2018 People’s Tribune article entitled, “Housing for all or Death in the Killing Cold” (http://peoplestribune.org/pt-news/2018/02/housing-for-all-or-death-in-the-killing-cold/“), pointed out, we are all at risk of becoming homeless. This is unsustainable and immoral. According to one count, there are six houses standing empty for every homeless person in this country. The government should take foreclosed-on homes back from the banks that fraudulently stole them, and give them to those without shelter. Public housing should be repaired, expanded and made available for all who need it. We must demand that human needs be put first, that the government make housing for all a social priority and an absolute right.” This is a step toward creating a new society that houses and treasures everyone.— The Editors


As people’s needs rise, the government does less


What if there was unity?


A city’s secret dealings laid bare by courts




We do not belong!


Seniors stand up to Chicago Housing Authority (CHA)


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