The fall of a great man

Juan Torres


WESLACO, TEXAS — I regret to inform you that my father Juan Torres has passed away. My father had written articles about the death march in Texas. No one knew the valley more than him. He lived, like he wrote, from the heart. He lived what he preached. The fight that my father lost was against cancer. At least that is what is being reported. The information is still sketchy as to what happened. He was sick and admitted into Knapp Medical Center and discharged on the 29th of December.

He had recently voluntarily evicted himself from his apartment. So he was homeless, again. After that, he went to a homeless shelter to escape the torturous cold weather that had ravaged the Rio Grande Valley recently. On the 3rd of January he was taken to the Calley Baptist Medical Center for shortness of breath, losing the battle on the 4th.

He was quick to denounce any fascist ideology and lived with the people he was trying to save. May there be more like him, a truly courageous man who did not seek reward for lifting others out of the muck or confusion and ignorance. He leaves behind four children: Raquela Lugo, P.A., Tino Torres, Franciscan friar for the renewal, Julio Ortiz, Paramedic, and Steve. He leaves behind to follow in his footsteps three grandchildren to carry the torch. May knowledge not be extinguished! He would bring the flame to all that would hear it.

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