Water: will you be allowed to have any?

Protest in Detroit in support of Baltimore residents who are having their water shut off.
Photo/Valerie Jean


The articles below are stories from water and environmental struggles in Flint, West Virginia, St. Louis, and Baltimore. With these stories we continue to expose the increased poisoning, fracking, rising price, and privatization of our life-sustaining water by giant corporations. As corporations try to buy up everything public, destroying the Earth in the process, people are standing up, demanding that government do what it is supposed to do: keep water affordable and safe, and away from big money interests, and defend the Earth. Water warriors are pointing to the need for a national movement that unites us all in this fight. The People’s Tribune opens its pages to this fight. Send stories to info@peoplestribune.org or via our website at peoplestribune.org.


Pipeline in Appalachia threatens landscape, drinking water and the economy


St. Louis residents demand government clean up nuclear waste


Greed threatens fresh water in Baltimore


From Flint Water Front: Don’t Let them Silence Us


Earth Day: A new perspective


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