Hunger in America


According to the USDA, U.S. meat producers now have 2.5 billion pounds of surplus meat while U.S. dairy producers have 1.39 billion pounds of surplus cheese and they’re running out of space to store it. Meanwhile, 49 million Americans struggle to put food on the table. One in six of us face hunger. One in five children is at risk of hunger. For African-Americans and Latinos it’s one in three. Food corporations are in business not to feed people, but to make a profit. There is no profit in feeding those of us who are starving because we live in deep poverty and can’t buy. We the people have to take food production away from the corporations.

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2 thoughts on “Hunger in America

  1. I believe they’re depriving the poor of food in California. Whether it’s a slow process so that larger numbers of people aren’t affected at once, the trickling effect instead of all at once (if that’s what it is), I see the purpose to thwart the anger, marches, rallies that should be demonstrated at this outrage of depriving the poor of food. Technology is eliminating jobs in the fields, in janitorial work, in the banks, in retail. Where are “able bodied adults” supposed to find work? Contradictions. Deplorable!!!

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