On Community

Keenan Putansu, part of a tent action at Berkeley Old City Hall, studies a notice to vacate left by police and city workers.
Photo/Sarah Menefee


ST. PETERSBURG, FL — Community . . . a unity, harmony of sights and sounds that resounds and echoes as it flows all our pain and woes, it knows one another as Sister, and Brother… it speaks as it seeks to unite our plight sown and grown in the ground of all that’s around, a seamless garment that’s meant to flow from all we know and don’t know as we grow and hoe the soil and don’t recoil from our intersection by rather experience resurrection of life ending the strife that’s rife, the feeling of a death dealing society with much anxiety and impropriety we move to an insurrection that is a reflection, a glimmer, a taste to end any waste of time, but a sublime move to a different grove of sharing and caring, bearing all burden and weight, joined in fate, unseparated by what’s berated so much of our conception and perception of how things are whether near or far, we no longer mar or distort all voices we report, we no longer resort to hide in our fort we design to consign and limit our self, put on a shelf, but now alive as we strive to create a new fate, rising to a plateau that friend and foe join in relation as a nation, a humanity, a return to sanity, an end to the profanity of vanity, we now emerge as we surge to converge, to join and rejoin the body, the organism, with no schism or any ism, we achieve and conceive a new existence of Community, of Community with no impunity but only love, from above, and down below this we will now sow . . . Community, Community, Community.

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