Will we have fascism or democracy?

Protest in defense of immigrants.


The assault on immigrants gets worse by the day. In recent months we have seen government rule changes that allow more immigrants to be detained and denied their due process rights. We are seeing immigrant children separated from their parents and detained in shameful conditions. Government immigration raids are disrupting whole communities. The Trump administration is revoking or refusing to renew the U.S. passports of some Hispanics in the U.S-Mexico border region, claiming they were not really born in the U.S. and have “fraudulent” birth certificates. And now major banks have locked some customers out of their accounts after the banks questioned their legal status in the U.S.

What are we becoming? Nazi Germany?

We have seen this pattern repeated in this country and throughout the world—a country falls into economic crisis, the people demand change, and the ruling elite has to find a scapegoat to blame for the crisis. Keeping the people divided keeps them from challenging the rule of those in power. Eliminating the democratic rights of the immigrants here and globally helps set the stage for fascism and eliminating everyone’s rights.

This is not the fascism of the 1930s. Today, with more and more jobs eliminated by automation, fewer and fewer workers are needed to produce things. Millions of us are forced to fight for a whole new society where we the people, not the corporations, have the power. The U.S. billionaire class is moving to suppress our struggle by destroying democracy and replacing it with a corporate dictatorship (fascism). If we are going to survive, we are going to have to take this country away from the corporations and run it in our own interest.

We cannot do this if we are fighting each other. The articles on this page show our progress. We are beginning to see ourselves as one people, one humanity, with interests completely opposed to those of the billionaire class. Let’s join hands across all the lines that divide us so we can stop fascism, take this country away from the corporations, and build a just, democratic society run by and for the people.


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