‘It’s time to be true organizers’


SAN FRANCISCO, CA—The local government needs to stop policies and ordinances that seek to shuffle around, keep out of sight or incriminate the displaced population in the Bay Area. Seniors and disabled (mostly vets), students and workers make up the majority of the homeless population today. The closing of schools/cuts in education, government’s failure to balance the minimum wage with rent hikes, and failure to provide elders with Social Security and retirement protection, while bailing out banks and catering to corporations/businesses, has caused this rise in homelessness.

A lot of us who are waking up know it’s time to be true organizers, to put something into society in place of its failed programs. We’re working to change things, to shift the balance back. We are demanding the government rebalance social injustices and the economy they broke. We see that it’s nobody’s fault but the failed system’s.

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