Let them drink LaCroix


At Facebook, we have five different flavors of La Croix sparkling water, including Pamplemousse. We have four different flavors of Crystal Geyser sparkling water. We have seven different flavors of Hint water, and Watermelon Hint Fizz sparkling water. We have Spindrift sparkling grapefruit water. There’s something called WTR MLN WTR—that’s short for water- melon water. Then we have Purity Organic sparkling water- melon water. There’s Dasani sparkling strawberry guava water. We have two flavors of something called Bubly: lime and mango sparkling water. We have Taste Nirvana Coconut water (both with and without pulp). We have coconut water with watermelon and aloe vera added. And today, we got brand new Topo Chico carbonated mineral water. Hundreds and hundreds of bottles on every floor of dozens of buildings spread throughout campus, all available for free, restocked every day.

On a different note, I can’t afford health insurance through the company and have to rely on a federal government subsidy of more than $200/month to be able to go to the doctor and dentist. These two things are probably an unrelated coincidence rather than a stark reminder that the comfort, lifestyle, and status of a small, privileged caste in this country is subsidized by everyone else.

Eric Murphy works at Facebook.

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