The Fight for $15 Continues



Workers around the country, including this woman in Wisconsin, are standing up for their rights. An estimated 3.8 million people work in fast food restaurants. Even senior citizens are forced into this low wage work where the average hourly wage is around $8. Servers at Taco Bell make an average of $4.65.

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One thought on “The Fight for $15 Continues

  1. I am glad people are figthing for an Increase in wages. But we need a Full Increase. A Society Enough For All.
    by Jan Lightfoot

    People willing to fight for 15 dollars a hours Is using the same flawed Technique to Aim under valued darts at unrealistic numbers.As the government does. The fight is required. But we need to states aim for valid prices. Maybe 2- three states could nearly get by with just $15. an hour. But most states average around $31.50 according to one HUD Map of rents. an hour forty hours a month for rent. about half a dozen state are closer to $46.50 an hour.

    It does not take a college doctorate, in economics, to understand You cannot pay the human basics of rent, food electricity, heat. On just $15 an hour, the rate of pay, is under the rate of the full need. Anyone who tries to cover their financial need, or spends money on their families needs knows you need more money coming in than going out.

    We need people who add up costs, and aim at realistic figures. for a minimum pay rate for each state.The Reality of the accumulated prices of RENT, Heat, Food, Medications, ect is where the real price of income should, be, for minimum wage.

    Those working for an income, on disability, or on retirement should make enough to pay the human basics. Other wise we live in soul-aching heart break, nightmare called poverty. Its not the fault of the deliberately under -paid. It is the greed of corporations. It been calculated to takes 16 years, to 20 without one mistake, to break even, will being under-paid-if ever. The price of pay and rent ect,, must be equal to form A Society of Enough for All. Enough for All is Human Right #23.

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