“Heartbreak World”


Heartbreak World
Outside in the cold
Toes tightly clench the blanket
On the foot of a little girl
So cold they cease to feel
(Horror fiction turns real)

No food to eat
Ripped shoes
Cardboard sleep
Death defeats
Living in these streets
We’ve all got ends to meet

Love conquers all
Negativity puts up walls
We’re forced to crawl
Yet, we’ll tear down that wall

White phosphorus
What’s wrong with us?
Fire, burn your egos fast
This tension must not last
It’s all about control & power
To them we’re nothing, cannon fodder

Can we think broader?
Approach situations softer
We’ve all got to love each other

In a world without love, what’s left to offer?
Even the toughest of us still yearn for hugs
We’re connecting souls
Living, human-souls

Technology can’t solve our human problems
Now take a step back and see if you can solve them
Cause everyone’s hurling wild accusations
Giving away power in lieu of personal responsibility
It’s on the surface, it’s simple to see
The power lies in you and me
It lives and breathes from sea to trees
Enough time left bowing on our knees
The answer is with you and me
The answer is our unity
Stand Up and Mend This Heart With Me

John Safari

John Safari’s performance of this poem appears on Heartbreak World, the new CD from rapper Clemmie Williams

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