What Will Be Left?

Bill Bunting


What will be left when the last
Gasp of breath leaves the last coal
Miners lips, or the last roughneck
Slips into the black death?

What will be left when the last
Corporation leaves with its CSG
And replaces clean soil with
Toxic turmoil as it crosses the sea?

What will be left when the last
Drop of clean water is poisoned
Or bartered by frackers and drillers
From the land that they slaughter?

What will be left when the last
Political lie that promises the sky
Is seen yet too late as the
People still cheer him and die?

What will be left when the last
Water protector is jailed by a
Government that failed – a religion,
A country, a planet – all dead ?

So what will be left? I’ll
Tell you my friend …darkness and
Grief and maybe the end. Yet deep
In the ground we planted the seed
And through toxic soil it will grow
And will feed.
For never again can we kill our
Own mother or live off the blood
And the strife of brother.
we learn from today what we
Can’t do tomorrow, coexist through
Our love or die from our sorrow.

Bill Bunting 11-17- 2018
(For all who fight for Mother Earth)

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