Mayoral candidate seeks peace in Chicago

Tamar Manasseh, Chicago mayoral candidate.


CHICAGO – Tamar Manasseh is a mother who has had enough. She has entered the Chicago mayor’s race as a write-in candidate. Tamar understands nothing can change in the city until the people wake up and see that they alone have the power to change it. Recently in the Englewood neighborhood where Tamar organizes to bring peace, a young man was shot 17 times. His brother of 14 was killed earlier. Not a single mayoral candidate addressed this horror. Tamar confronts it every day. Through the community efforts of MASK (Mothers and Men Against Senseless Killing) an organization she founded – real progress has been made. By sitting with the youth and sharing food and conversation, a violent South Side Chicago corner changed into one oriented toward peace. MASK under Tamar’s leadership has done this through dedication over 3 years and despite the hostility of the politicians and police of the city.

As poverty deepens in Chicago, development destroys poor communities. The candidates running for mayor are ambitious and/or corrupt. Unlike Tamar, they don’t stand in the hurting places making the change. They claim to serve two masters at once.

Tamar’s campaign will put the responsibility for saving the city right on us. She will champion that cause. She has stood up to the corrupt politicians repeatedly. They hate her.

We will win with Tamar because after the election We the People of Chicago will have a strong organization across the city with a program for what is needed.

We will create a historic campaign in order to make this happen. Don’t throw away your vote. Write in Tamar Manasseh for Mayor of Chicago. If you want change, she’s your last best choice!

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