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“My first priority is that the status quo of housing is unbridled development, which is not meeting the needs of most residents. In a community like the 49th Ward, diversity of housing serves a variety of racial, cultural and ethnic groups, it’s built on the fact that many people can find a home here and afford to live here. I want to maintain that and manage it so the people who live here now can continue to live here.” —Maria Hadden is running for City Council from the 49th Ward.
“We don’t agree with the judge’s ruling at all. We feel that what Jason Van Dyke did was to shoot Laquan 16 times. He deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars. … Today we didn’t get that ruling. Today we got something that we didn’t expect to see. Eighty-one months in the Illinois Department of Corrections – that’s a slap in the face to us and a slap on the wrist to him.” —Activist William Calloway, speaking after Van Dyke’s sentencing. Calloway is running for City Council from the 5th Ward
“I see a Chicago where it’s a city that puts people before profits.” —Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza is running for re-election to the City Council from the 10th Ward
“We know a better Chicago is possible. … [But the city is] ruled by a powerful élite which is really only interested in one thing and that’s keeping Chicago open for business. […] We really need an elected official who understands … that the resources are there. Right now, they’re for the rich, but we need somebody who’s going to stand up and make them for us. We need somebody who’s going to tell the mayor that segregation is evil. That housing and health care are a human right and that everyone deserves a world-class education.” —Colin Bird-Martinez, running for the City Council from the 31st Ward.
“Housing is a human right. I will make sure development is ethical, equitable, and puts the needs of our neighbors above the interests of big developers and corporations. As a teacher, I have to meet the needs of every child in my classroom. As alderman, I will work to ensure that every resident in the ward has a safe place to live, and every neighborhood in the ward receives services equitably” —Erika Wozniak Francis, running for the City Council from the 46th Ward.


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