Denmark, SC holds Safe Water Justice Town Hall

Denmark, S.C., clean water activist Deanna M. Berry joins Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on a panel.


DENMARK, SC —Residents of Denmark, South Carolina, joined presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in a Justice Town Hall in May on their fight for safe water. “High levels of lead, gasoline, manganese, iron and other contaminants. . . . [and] MCBE which causes formaldehyde in the human body, were in our water for 10 years,” said Deanna Miller Berry. “We don’t trust DHEC, EPA or the city of Denmark because they all protect each other. Who protects the citizens?”

Paula Ray Brown said: “I had sores on my body. I can’t sleep because I’m scratching. . . If I wash my hair with the Denmark water I won’t have any hair on my head . . . I’ve been threatened [for] going on radio. . . . they said they are going to put me in a car and drag me through the street. . . . the mayor doesn’t care about us. I have evidence that this town got close to $30 million—what have they done [with it?]”

Deanna said the community is not going to take it anymore.

“The water crisis is all over the country,” said Bernie. “We must rebuild our infrastructure. . . . rebuild our water systems. . . .that’s what the Green New Deal is about. . . . if you can give $1.5 trillion in tax breaks to the top 1% and profitable corporations, we can invest in saving the planet and investing in clean water. . . clean water is a right for us all,” he said.

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