Flint braces for a long hot summer

A symbollic coffin commemorating those who died as a result of the Flint water disaster.


FLINT, MI — In 2018, the Michigan Department of Human Services reported 28 known cases of Legionella disease in Flint. So far this year there are eight cases, but as Frontline PBS recently reported, scores of cases in the past may have been misdiagnosed. See Frontline’s “Five Years In, The Flint Water Crisis Continues Its Deadly Toll.”

Nevertheless, health officials do agree that as warmer weather of Summer approaches, the risk of Legionella and other bacterial diseases will increase. The elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and infants, are especially vulnerable. Consequently, as local Dr. Lawrence Reynolds cautioned at the five-year commemoration event held recently, residents should continue to use PURIFIED bottled water.

State officials under the newly elected Democratic governor have so far not delivered on her promise to restore state-sponsored bottled water to Flint residents. Bottled water was discontinued last year under the previous governor.

Meanwhile, an underreported part of the Flint water disaster is the fact that water rates here are among the highest in the nation! Scores of Flint water customers experience water shut offs.

Residents still need water filtered for showering, washing clothes, etc.

Right now we rely on woefully inadequate charitable donations resulting in blocks  and blocks of cars lined up for 2-3 hour long waits. This is unacceptable. This is something the government should be doing. Now campaign season is here for Flint’s Mayoral election. Residents demand a path to tap ready and affordable clean water free from corporate and Wall Street control.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lekYRPRZEJQ  for Frontline PBS story.

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