Police have killed nearly 400 so far in 2019, database shows


At the end of May 2019, police in the United States fatally shot 372 people, according to information gathered by the Washington Post.

Some 204 people this year were “not fleeing the scene” when the police killed them, according to the Post. Males made up 348 of the fatalities, 22 were female and two were unknown.

By race in 2019, there have been 81 white fatalities, 48 black, 43 Hispanic, 8 from other groups and 192 whose race is unknown.

By state in 2019, California leads with 50 fatalities, followed by Texas with 43 and by Florida and Arizona with 21 each.

In all of 2018, police fatally shot 992 people, six more than in 2017. California led the nation in 2018 with 115 killings, followed by Texas with 85, Florida with 64 and Arizona with 62.

The Post’s database contains records of every fatal shooting in the United States by a police officer “in the line of duty” since January 1, 2015. It does not track the deaths of people in police custody, fatal shootings by off-duty officers or non-shooting deaths.

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