Now they’re caging our babies and quoting the Bible
The same scriptures that slave-owners used to claim justifiable
Chaining and shipping human beings by the millions
In the bottoms of boats, ripping parents from children,

Familiar? Now our demons come back with a vengeance
Slavery never left / Check that 13th amendment /
While they preach about freedom and defeating the terrorists
Cops line up in riot gear to bulldoze grandparents

And they’re still sayin “We can reform it,” while nowadays
Oil execs say “If we kill you, no foul play”
And Michigan imprisons Reverends who expose it
While more bodies wash up in the river, like Moses,

Now they’re caging our babies and quoting the Bible
To our faces, while their agents terrorize kids with rifles,
As if Jesus would do that, as if we can’t see through that,
As if Love Thy Neighbor really means Act Genocidal

As if there were no decency left in the world
As if words have no meaning, as if They were eternal,
As if our faith’s as hollow as their broken treaties
As if we aren’t out marching, shouting our needs concretely:

“From Palestine to Mexico / Border Walls have got to go”
As if their walls can’t fall just like old Jericho,
As if God was their property, and the Kingdom of Heaven
Was a world at war and not a world of brethren.

Adam Gottlieb

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