Beloved America: Let us have our dreams


DETROIT, MI —Beloved America. This is a rotting empire. Weren’t many of us happy to see Obama win after the reign of Bushes? My father donated to that [Obama]campaign. It was the only political campaign he ever donated to, not even to Kennedy’s. I didn’t expect Revolution. But I remember seeing very elderly Black people whose lives touched slavery say that they could die happy. Even if the whole voting scam is a complete hoax on us, we do not have another government. We do not have another country. This is all we have.

That being said, I am really happy that even the idea of Medicare-For-All is on the radar. There should never have been student debt. There should never be an opioid crisis. There should never be people in detention for seeking better lives. These are things that must be confronted. And they are being confronted by Bernie Sanders. And people are hopeful and they vote for him because of the promises of the possibilities.

To even raise these things in public discourse is a huge step forward. This means that social media, word-of-mouth and people in the streets are more powerful than MSNBC, CNN and even Fox News.

Let us have our dreams. Another world is possible.

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