Jessica Gray is missing

Jessica Gray and her children. Family and supporters are demanding answers and that law enforcement investigate.


BENTON HARBOR, MI — Jessica Gray is a 30-year-old loving mother of two beautiful children, and has two brothers. Jessica Gray is missing.

Some people believe Jessica may have been shot at Willie Lark Jr.’s house, which is in the family’s neighborhood. There was a puddle of blood in the front of the house and lots of blood on the front door. Whose blood was it?

Willie Lark, Jr., 48-years-old, was arrested in Columbus, Ohio for a warrant out of the State of Michigan on charges unrelated to Jessica Gray’s disappearance. Lark has been returned to Michigan to face a parole violation. He is not talking about what happened at his house.

Jessica Gray’s family—a Benton Township family—is reminding the world that this 30-year-old beautiful young lady is still missing. Jessica Gray went missing on December 1, 2019. She has not been seen or heard from. There have been no calls or texts, no contact at all.

Jessica’s mother, Caroline Gray, the family, and Rev. Pinkney, held a rally in front of the Benton Township Police Department on Feb 11, 2020. The family wants answers about the DNA from the blood found in front of Willie Lark Jr.’s house and on the door of the home. There was so much blood that we know somebody was shot, and several spindle rounds were found at the scene. The blood found may be linked to the disappearance of Jessica Gray. The family wants answers. The Benton Township Police refused to search for Jessica or send out the police drones that look for bodies or their cadaver dogs that pick up the scent of the person. She is just another Black person missing.

But the family is fighting back and standing up for Jessica. “We want answers now, not knowing anything or what is going on I think that has been the hardest part—where is my baby?” said Caroline Gray. “I have been strong for my daughter. I have got to be strong. That is the only way I see it. Jessica Gray is a fighter . . . I just want her to come home. Her favorite meal is chicken and I know she is ready for that chicken. She’s got her family and friends right here waiting on her. Everybody just wants her home safe.”

Benton Township Police Department refused to provide any information to the family. The police have done nothing. Law enforcement has also refused to go looking for some of the many people who were at Willie Lark Jr.’s house that night.

It only takes DNA less than 40 days to come back.

On Feb 18, 2020, a second rally was held by the group, “Justice for Jessica.” This time we spoke to board members of the Benton Township council. From there, we spoke to the police chief who said he would start informing the family of every step of this investigation.

We will continue to confront this evil system until we get justice for Jessica.

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