‘This is the revolution’

Wisconsin youth (SKATE4 Black Lives!) ride in memorial to two protesters killed by a right-wing vigilante. One of the fallen heroically tried to use his skateboard to subdue the shooter.
Photo / Joe Brusky


In this edition of the People’s Tribune we continue to highlight voices calling for unity against a dangerous police state, for Black Lives, immigrant rights, defunding police, rent relief, climate, water, schools, health care — for democracy and a just America. As Frank Nitty, organizer of a 750-mile walk from Milwaukee to the March on Washington told the crowd: “We need to get organized together as a nation of activists so we can call on each other whenever we need help. Everyone that came messing with us (on our march) had Trump’s signs, Trump 2020. That’s the new way they exhibit racism in this country and hide behind it. So we got to vote Trump out. This is the revolution.”


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