Aug/Sep 2021


‘We have chosen resistance’

Indigenous People’s Movement protest

As the earth heats up in the face of climate change directly linked to the burning of fossil fuels, so does the “resistance” heat up to defend Mother Earth and all life on this planet. Pipeline fighters from diverse backgrounds …

More Quench Water Webinars Coming Up in September!


The People’s Tribune launched a water discussion group over a year ago which is now presenting the fifth in a series of ‘Quench’ webinars. In September, we have two water webinars scheduled. Water Affordability vs Assistance on September 15, coordinated …

No Water Privatization in the Infrastructure Plan

Wall Street

Editors note: Let’s stop the water privatization plan. Communities need an infrastructure package that provides real money, not privatization scams with public-private partnerships and asset recycling. Please read the letter below that has been sent to key members of the Senate.  …

Stop the Evictions!
Make housing a guaranteed right

cartoon about evictions

Editor’s note: As we go to print, in a cruel, inhumane move, the U.S. Supreme Court has voted down the national eviction moratorium, despite COVID’S rise and despite that millions more renters will be thrown into the street. As politicians …

Jack Hirschman – December 13, 1933 – August 22, 2021

Jack Hirschman

JACK HIRSCHMAN (December 13, 1933 – August 22, 2021) The world and the movement for social transformation has suffered the loss of one of its great lights and souls with the passing, in his sleep, of the revolutionary visionary poet …

Icelander says their govt would never allow homelessness

From a Twitter post: “I asked our bartender in Iceland if there are any homeless people & he laughed at me: “Homeless? We have 1 or 2 beggars downtown, but nobody is homeless – our government would never allow people …

San Jose Residents Protest “Destination Nowhere”

sign that reads housing is a human right

SAN JOSE, CA — Dozens of unhoused residents and community leaders marched and rallied at the Spring Street encampment in San Jose on July 20. The City is threatening to evict the hundreds of people that live there in tents, …


my friends were
enjoying some ramen
though it could have been spicier

‘Humanity in general is re-evaluating everything . . .’

Elena Herrada

The following is from a Facebook post from Elena Herrada in Detroit. She is a ‘counter narrator, mother, grandmother and shameless heckler. Radio host on 910am,”Beloved Detroit.’ DETROIT, MI — Today I got my bike tire fixed and got a …

Return to School: Catch COVID-19!

graphic about vaccines and schools in danger

The system proclaims: “Everybody back to school. Do not let your child fall behind. The schools are safe.” The Wrong Direction CHICAGO, IL — During this pandemic, the spread of an aggressive Delta variant COVID-19 virus among unvaccinated, teachers, staff, …

Fight against voter suppression continues in Texas

graphic about voter suppression in Texas

The struggle to stop voter suppression in Texas is still raging. On August 10, Dade Phelan, the Republican leader of the lower house of the Texas legislature, signed civil arrest warrants for 52 members 0f the Texas House of Representatives. …

‘Election Promises’

I hear the polls
are going to be open on Tuesday.
All day.
Good. I certainly intend to go to them.

Help Circulate Report on Border Human Rights Violations

Border For Human Rights report cover

In 2020, the People’s Tribune and our sister bilingual publication, El Tribuno del Pueblo launched “The People-to-People Fact-Finding Delegation to the Border” in collaboration with a group of activists, researchers, and independent journalists who are deeply concerned about human rights …

New US-Mexico migration agreement violates the right to asylum

Central American asylum seekers

Central American families expelled from US to Mexico-Guatemala border.The governments of the region must clarify terms of agreement.August 11, 2021 Tapachula, Chiapas, México On August 9th and 10th, the Human Rights Observation and Monitoring Collective of the Mexican Southeast documented …