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Common poverty: basis for class unity

Imagine you’re in a good job with good pay and benefits. One day you fall on the job. The injuries are so severe you are in a coma and lose your shinbone, which is replaced by a metal rod. You …

Meegan vs. Chicago Machine

Chicago is famous for many things—the skyline, deep-dish pizza, and Al Capone. But another thing the city is famous for (that her citizens are ashamed of) is that …

Resistance to police state growing

The underpinning of the rising police state is the changing economy and the mass poverty it produces. Given American history, it could not be otherwise that the victims …

The ending of the civil war and lessons for today

April marks the 150th anniversary of the ending of the Civil War. There is much we can and must learn from its beginning, its conduct and its ending. A month before the outbreak of fighting, relatively few Americans believed the …

St. Louis homeless under attack

We’ve been in this community since 1975. It was a run-down neighborhood and gradually they started turning around the downtown, taking some of the …

The ghost of Dred Scott awakens

Less than four miles from the intersection where Mike Brown was killed—a ten-minute drive down Florissant Ave—is the Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, …

Tea with Joe Hill

Joe Hill and I had tea
He let his biscuits soak
They say America is free
Man how they love to joke
Ask Sacco and Vanzetti

Too Big

Big Man
Big Muscles
Big Nose
Big Lips
Big Hands

Working class poem

I was born
Free and penniless
And just like you
They have been robbing me …

Voices from Benton Harbor

“Several young men’s lives have been lost here. The last person they were seen talking to was a policemen. They ended up finding their body later. It’s a …