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Standing up to the attack on our lives and the planet

  In a recent townhall meeting with a member of Congress in Arkansas, thousands of people turned out to demand that the government do something to guarantee everyone has healthcare. One woman told the congressman at the townhall that she …


Corporate control of energy is killing us

  One of Trump’s first acts as president was to green-light the Dakota Access Pipeline, threatening the drinking water of millions of people. For months, millions of taxpayer dollars were spent attacking Water Protectors so that oil corporations could build …

2017: The significance of May Day

May Day signifies a very important moment for the working class. It’s a time to examine our experience and put forward a program and vision of what needs to be done …

What and who is government for?

If you are elderly, chronically ill, disabled, retired or just plain poor this question —what and who is government for—should now be on your mind. President …

Why I am joining the March for Science

I have been a working research scientist for almost 50 years. I will join the March for Science in opposition to the current threat to science and …

Hungry to learn

Homelessness and food insecurity now affects every level of public education, from pre-school to K-12 through higher education. At the University of ..

Why can’t healthcare be free in America?

If you’re dangerously ill, good healthcare may be the only thing between you and dying. Yet in America healthcare has become a profit-making $3.2 trillion-a-year …

Homeless in Silicon Valley

I first ended up homeless when I had to move out of an elderly man’s house who allowed me to live there in exchange for ten hours of work a week. I was a …

Santa Ana Riverbed

Take a walk along the river’s trail, move the tents to no avail
Little do they realize, each is a house for a pair of eyes
Will they ever realize?
Or continue spreading more lies

Housing Crisis in Chicago

Fear of losing the “roof over our heads” is at an all time high in Chicago. Rampant gentrification is destroying once stable communities. Small homeowners …

California homeless hit by floods

Amanda Fukamoto was displaced from her encampment when San Jose’s Coyote Creek flooded in February. Along with hundreds of other homeless people …

women all

women all
along Drumm St
now young and old
girls with their
sleeping dogs

Military force by Feds threatens Chicago

Recently, John Kass, columnist for the Chicago Tribune, posted an article entitled “A plan for Trump’s feds in Chicago” in which he laid out a master plan to solve …

A whole lot of wildness

Of living
It’s best to stay expressive than to hold in
We know the path our roots the inconvenient
So why trash the gift given
From Ancestors to give

Brokenness but still winning the war

I read Bryan Stevenson’s book, “Just Mercy,” and the story seems very similar to mine. I would like to quote you from his book. “My main years of struggling against …

“Hard Enough”

Life is hard enough. Growth and death and love and loss. Responsibility to those around you, those who came before you, those still to come. That’s life, and It’s …

Twin cities rally together for justice

The first “Resist Trump Tuesdays” protest was held in St. Joseph, MI in front of Whirlpool heir Congressman Fred Upton’s office in January. Dr. Eric Lester, Chair of …

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

“On the morning of the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Michele and Rick Tingling-Clemmons of the Central NorthEast Civic Association and founding …