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Abundance of food while people starve

If you had to make a choice between buying food or paying your bills, what choice would you make? This is the dilemma millions of Americans …


From racial division to class unity

There is an old saying, “a hungry belly has no color.” This is the reality the ruling class fears. While starving the workers it no longer needs …

Water Justice Journey

The march came out of the International Gathering on Water and Housing held in Detroit in May. It began in Detroit where tens of thousands …

Access to water is a human right

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and the Peoples Water Board have fought tooth and nail over these last 16 months, in every way possible …

Homeless in fight for their survival

In New York City they might find temporary housing—New York has beds for about 60% of its 50,000 homeless residents, lodging many in filthy …

The #LetUsBreathe Collective: One-year later

People’s Tribune correspondent Adam Gottlieb interviews Damon Williams, co-director and founding member of The #LetUsBreathe Collective in Chicago, IL. This is part of a longer interview about the remarkable story of #LetUsBreathe and Lost Voices. Adam Gottlieb: What is the …

When hunger is a crime

I want to attend Chicago’s Moral Monday March, but I cannot because I am going to be in a Cook County courtroom to support two teenagers accused of retail theft. They had no food …

Drastic budget cuts

Drastic budget cuts spark the Moral Monday movement in Illinois: “We are told there is no alternative… that the state just doesn’t …

The Coat

I paw through the table of give away
coats. One cloth number tempts me
to smile. insisting as it does on polished
pews and woolen pedigrees. I’m trying

Prayer for May Day/Beltane

I saw a bunch of potted flowers bursting by a bank – poppies, daisies, carnations, reds, blues, whites, golds, violets – how constricted there they seemed, audacious their delight I saw a bunch of people gathered there at Union Park …

The life of a temp

Like shadows that hover between day and night,
You’re sort of employed, but again no, not quite.
Forget health insurance, from that you’re exempt.
Pray God to stay healthy. That’s the life of a temp.

The human right to healthcare

Some of us have an intuition that healthcare should be free. Yet what may seem obvious to some may be counterintuitive to others. I argue …

What is “class?”

Class is a division in society based on the method by which the society produces the things people need to survive. Since class society began, there have been owning and