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Public Education: The fight for our future

We are living in times of immense change, where the world we thought we knew is transforming into something else completely. Technological advances have moved humanity …

Defend the Homeless

The body of a homeless man in San Diego, CA, was set on fire—after he was murdered. This was one of a series of attacks on the city’s homeless that left two …

very poor

very poor
written small
on a scrap
of poor cardboard …

The need to sharpen our analysis

The state killed Malcolm X when his OAAU group began building beyond the black community… Martin was killed after he started talking anti-capitalism …

Voices in the struggle for a just society

“The police just shot my boyfriend for no apparent reason. … They shot him. He shot him three times because we had a busted tail light. He asked them for his …

Punish the Murderers

Without water there is no life.
Last night a thirteen year old
Told how she started her day, preparing for school,
She pours bottled water into a pot …

We will not be moved

“Good morning, Beloved Detroit.
We are ending one chapter and beginning a new one today.
Stay with us.
These are our schools …

Poem by Cantrell, 9th grader

I went to Gregory 10 years of my life
That was 5 years of teachers not getting their rights
Teachers that showed me a different level or altitude …

Revolutionary poets: now is our time!

If you flip through the pages of a People’s Tribune newspaper, you will find the people’s poems—true gems of revolutionary imagination and artistic reporting from …