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Healthcare battle: ‘We won’t let our people die’

As we go to press, Congress is still arguing over healthcare. The bottom line is that we, the people, need healthcare for all, no exceptions. At a minimum we need a single-payer system. But none of the recent Republican bills are …


Stop the murder and torture of immigrants

Ten people are dead after dozens, including children, were locked by smugglers inside a sweltering tractor trailer and discovered at a San Antonio, Texas Walmart. More than 30 people suffered serious injuries, including brain …

Voices from the people after Charlottesville

“The powerful elite of this country has had us at each other’s throats forever. That way we can’t see them destroying this planet in the rush for more and more money and power …

What is the People’s Tribune?

The People’s Tribune is a paper of and for those of us in this country who find ourselves in a battle for humanity’s survival against a corporate class that cares nothing for …

Homelessness indicts a heartless system

Homelessness is a social calamity that is spreading like wildfire in the US. In places like Los Angeles and Oakland, CA, it has increased nearly 25% in the past year. Large swathes …

a nest

a nest
of newspapers
in a niche
to lay
the head

A Friendly Tent City

When trying to help the homeless with basic needs it is common to encounter the NIMBY crowd. “NotInMy Back Yard” they say or NIMBY for short. Well, now there …


You keep burying it
Encased in flimsy
Away from the people
That you love

Atlantic City victory in water fight

A victory was won in Atlantic City when a coalition went into the neighborhoods, and gathered signatures on a citizen’s initiative, which resulted in the city council …

FLINT: “I Won’t Be Bullied!!”

In a spectacular show of gall with no moral compass, Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has filed a lawsuit against the city it poisoned! The suit …

The Night

The night had no effect
passing into dusk,
sleep comes abrupt,
kept from the dreamer.
Weaving without strings

Atrocities at immigration detention center

“On Sunday, June 25, I watched as a group of nearly 50 people, many of them family members of detained immigrants, waited for hours in the sweltering 100-degree …

We the people, we the human family

Trump’s nasty attitude toward immigrants and denial of science compel us all to consider the following facts: 1) Humans migrated out of Africa a couple hundred …

Emergency: Dead on arrival in Georgia

Georgia Blue Cross and Blue Shield recently announced it would no longer cover “non-emergency” visits to emergency rooms in the State. Anthem’s BC/BS …

How I got screwed out of my Medicaid

This [attack on our healthcare] isn’t anything new under Trump. I was screwed out of my Medicaid under Obama. First, the state of Tennessee decided I earned …


J.W. told me tonight
that Mitch the Chipewa
died two nights ago.
“Over-exposure and drink.
39 years old.” “And he had
a bad ticker,” said Gyzmo’s

Welcome home Rev. Pinkney

  After 30 months of his life stolen by imprisonment for his leadership in the community’s fight against Whirpool’s takeover of their town, Rev. Edward Pinkney is home in Benton Harbor! Also, the Michigan Supreme Court’s recent request for oral …

Hometown Heroes

Smack in the middle of August its time for the Bud Billiken Parade! This back-to-school tradition goes back to 1929 and is the largest African American parade. This year’s …

Homelessness: The Saturday Morning Massacre

The Saturday Morning Massacre. So it was dubbed by the homeless community in St. Petersburg, Florida. In St. Petersburg, the so called “liberal” mayor of St. Petersburg …