Archive: August 2020

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Growing movement for justice gears up to DEFEAT TRUMP!

  We stand on the brink. Democracy in America is in danger of being destroyed. President Trump has dispatched federal agents to several cities where they have brutally assaulted and kidnapped dedicated activists taking part in Black Lives Matter protests. …


Cancel the rents! Evictions could make 28 million homeless

  “They have trillions of dollars to take out from our taxes, from our money, to bail out Wall Street. They need to bring that money to us. Working people need rent cancellation today!” These were the words of a …

Election flyers

Share and download People’s Tribune flyers about the elections and the growing movement for a New America. The color version is for sharing …

We’re Calling it a ‘Rent Strike’

We’re calling it a rent strike, but let’s be clear on our slogan: Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay. Twenty million people are facing eviction due to COVID19, and they’re …

An Ode to Dawn

If I live today may
It be with hope
With dignity
If I live today may
It be without shame


About 50
with a kerchief
and her left-fist full
of handkerchief she’s pushing
into her weeping eyes and shattered face

We need Medicare for All NOW!

Employer health care doesn’t work. If you lose your job, you lose your right to health care. Everyone knows someone who has lost health care or has …

Who are the refugee children?

This is a cultural project on refugee children organized by Chicago artists, where people read the stories of the children in banners and reflect on how …

Clean water is a human right

Water quality is important to all, and to Benton Harbor, the city of no return. We made it a high priority in the city’s continued effort to test for lead …