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No blank check for billionaires

  When Trump proposed a budget last year that would cut programs for the poor, a woman in Mississippi described to a reporter how she was barely living each month on a $735 disability check and $56 in food stamps. …


Housing for all or death in the killing cold

As vicious winter storms blasted across the Eastern and Central US, with murderous temperatures comparable to those on Mars, unsheltered people froze to death in the …

Healthcare for all: Build the Movement

Want to get rid of poor people? It’s simple. Deny them health care so they’ll just get sick and die. Want all American families, including the poor, to be healthy …

Black History Month 2018

When I was a kid we had Black History week. We discussed heroes in African American history and in the American Civil War. At that time, Black history wasn’t seen as central …

New Year Supermoon

So full
so close
to the Earth
Bigger brighter
lightening the darkness
now slowly waning

Fight or Freeze

Cold snap doesn’t even come close to describing the weather this holiday season as 90% of the nation suffered weeks of freezing weather. Chicago was no exception. Sub-zero …

The life or death fight for water and Earth

The immoral corporate drive to own and/or control the public’s water, and the poisoning, shutoffs and rising cost of water, is drawing communities across the country into …

Stand by our leaders

The repressive apparatus of the government, which includes ICE U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,) is quietly singling …

Whirlpool: a poverty pimp

A cold snap during the beginning of the year took a toll on the homeless and the poverty-stricken in the city of Benton Harbor …

Homeless James Thomas

Ah, look at all the homeless people!
Ah, look at all the homeless people!
Homeless James Thomas
picks up a tarp and the mat where his home tent had been
Lives on dirt air.