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Homeless refuse to back down

  People across the world are talking about how the Moms 4 Housing group in Oakland, CA, won a victory after their homeless members occupied a vacant house owned by an investment company. One of the Moms occupying the house, …


Sander’s call to transform America attracts millions

  Editor’s note: Vast numbers of people are participating in the 2020 election campaign to demand change. Here we look at the Bernie Sanders campaign. See our web page for more election coverage at “If you are willing to …

The First Rainbow Coalition

Filmmaker Ray Santisteban’s new documentary, the First Rainbow Coalition, tackles the question of what it takes to build trust and solidarity between oppressed groups in a country …

Mourn homeless deaths— and organize!

On New Year’s Day, a Kansas City homeless man found his friend frozen to death in a shed where they slept at night. “l picked him up and he was frozen.” A friend of the two men …

Coffins are not carpeted

Coffins are not carpeted
they’re not for standing
Linoleum is useless
as the imagined dreams,
some believe they’ll be having.


Beautiful blistering sun –
Mother sun, giver of life,
Thwarted from energizing our every need.
Petro kings foul the Earth,
Turn up the heat.

Environmental racism and psychological trauma

For over three decades, Exide Technology contaminated their employees and the surrounding areas in Southeast Los Angeles County, while every government agency in place failed …

Sacramento group stops downtown jail expansion

The grassroots community group, “Decarcerate Sacramento,” has mobilized the public to oppose jail expansion in Sacramento, calling for the funding of sustainable, community- …

Stop the war before it destroys the world

The US government’s assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani and a top Iraqi paramilitary commander in Baghdad was in part calculated to provoke Iran into going to …

Cut the military budget

Military spending makes up two-thirds of the US federal budget, and it could soon become three-quarters of the budget. The $1trillion US military budget today is bigger than the …

my children

these black children
without windows
without mirrors
these black children