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There are plenty of homes

There is plenty of housing. We can easily house everybody.No one should be abandoned to the streets to die. This criminal system has to go and in its place a …

Water is Life

These stories show the struggle for clean, safe, running water across the country. Water is a basic human right. The struggle for water is posed against a corporate government and …

Flint water still unsafe

Four more indictments have been issued regarding the Flint water crisis. This brings a total of 13 people charged to date. But for the first time, Emergency Managers …

Water rights bond Flint and Standing Rock

“I have one message, we have to stand as one, we have to unify, we have to continue to love each other and trust each other in a one-step movement with each other …

The truth about fracking

We hear so much these days about energy sources and our future. Many speak out against oil and coal as being outdated and dangerous as well as toxic to our …

“Locked” out of healthcare access

“A long strip of deep and fertile soil pinched by sharply rising mountains, the valley has more than doubled its output of produce in recent decades and now grows …

We are our brother’s keeper

I often think about this image when riding the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). It’s not nightmarish, but a kind of comfortable place, having inspired …

A Student Deferred

What happens to a student deferred?
does she give up
like there’s nothing left?
or does she keep going –
cuz its fun?
does she try her hardest to pass?

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Voices of the people in Michigan:

Elena Herrada, former Detroit school board member, stripped of power by Michigan’s Emergency Manager law, speaks about the destruction of democracy: “Reverend …

“Let it bleed”

I’m from the boondocks
An iron city full of rum and drugs
South Central slums no fun is where I’m spawning from
The 90’s unwind me to the time these Devils tried to blind me
my opponent is myself and only i can define me
I experienced the streets