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Movement to politicians: Step up or step aside!

Chicago Rally of Albany Park youth

We, the people need help right now, and only the government can supply the help we need. Biden has been in the White House for a little over six months, and the Democrats in theory control Congress. For those fighting …


Voting rights bill blocked in Senate – The filibuster must go!

Poor People’s Campaign against voter suppression

In late June, Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked the most expansive voting rights legislation to come before Congress in decades. They used one of the most undemocratic of parliamentary procedures — the filibuster. The move was greeted with outrage …

It’s our money! Demand COVID relief funds are spent where we want

Attention Justice Warriors! The recent COVID-19 relief package (America Rescue Plan 2021) signed into law in March of this year offers opportunities for those on the front lines for economic and social justice battlefronts. Unprecedented millions of dollars are being …

Kamala Harris tells migrants, ‘Do not come’

immigrant child at border encampment

“I want to be clear, to folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the United States – Mexico border. Do not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws …

Community hospital: Not just a parking lot

protesters at hospital

CHICAGO, IL — When a private equity firm wants to build a luxury high-rise building in your community hospital’s parking lot, it’s time to take notice. When that equity firm also owns that hospital, you might feel a shiver of …

In memory of Chuck Nelson, a true leader of the people

Chuck Nelson

It was with great sorrow that we at the People’s Tribune learned of the passing of Chuck Nelson of Glen Daniel, West Virginia, a true leader of the people. Chuck was a fourth-generation coal miner who worked underground for almost …

The Deal

Life is a card game
With a marked deck:
They look all the same
To make one a wreck.

House the homeless! says Homeless Union

Tents in Oakland

OAKLAND CA — To HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge: We are asking the State, County, and City to support us, the Oakland Homeless Union Chapter and the Chicago Homeless Union Chapter of the National Homeless Union, in getting the homeless senior …

During a pandemic housing is a matter of life and death

cancel the rent sign

Maria Elena Martinez, editorial board member of the Tribuno de Pueblo, interviews Kenia Torres-Alcocer, Co-Director of Unión de Vecinos and Co-Director TriChair of the National Steering Committee of the California Poor People’s Campaign in Los Angeles, CA. Maria Elena Martinez …

Reno homeless and their supporters resist cruel sweeps

Heavy equipment destroys a houseless community

RENO, NV — Enormous dump trucks and bulldozers demolish people’s homes at the end of Commercial Row. A police officer is standing on a raised concrete slab, milling around with some others, rudely barking down to a housing activist who …

May all have a real home…

Monica Tmartella

I wish everyone the kind of home I have right now: Where I sleep well because the conditions allow it Where I experience sanctuary from human domination & hostility Where I feel joy because I’m close to the ground, & …

We Killed KXL!
Victory in fight to stop KXL pipeline!

KXL protesters celebrate

BREAKING: TransCanada (aka TC Energy) announced the Keystone XL pipeline *TERMINATED!* “Without a determined group of farmers, ranchers and tribes, KXL would have been in the ground years ago. Congratulations to all pipeline fighters!  #WeKilledKXL!” — Art Tanderup, Nebraska farmer and …

Central America: climate change refugees

Migrant mother with her children in Tijuana

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in the Tribuno del Pueblo, sister publication to the People’s Tribune. We are currently living in the midst of climate change. It is now that the effects of it are becoming clearer as …