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We need free equal education for every child

CARTOON/Andy Willis “Twenty-five percent of these kids are never going to be anything . . . and I’m not going to throw money at them.” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has denied that he ever made this statement to Chicago Teacher’s …


U.S. Citizenship for Immigrants: Central to Working Class Unity

Undocumented workers are among the most exploited, low-wage workers in the U.S. They are forced to live in constant fear of deportation, isolated in the shadows of mainstream American society. This isolation of the immigrant worker is directed at

Medicaid for profit: the new normal in Michigan

The ability to provide care for the poor has met the reality of the market place. The Medicaid HMO plans are the sole providers for care in Michigan. The guidelines for patients to qualify for Federal Medicaid fee for service payments are arbitrary and extremely difficult to figure out. Some of the Medicaid plans are designed to create …

Earth Day 2013: Green Shadow Cabinet Launched

2012 Green Party presidential candidates Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala honored Earth Day by announcing formation of a new opposition “Green Shadow Cabinet.” The purpose of the cabinet is to …

Hard Lessons

In reality
It feels like school’s against me
Cus no matter what I know,
If I don’t pass that test
Then they won’t let me go.
And if I’m not on time
No matter what’s going on in my life

Demonstrators Arrested In Fight to Stop School Closings

Against a backdrop of horns and marching bands, thousands of teachers, parents and students streamed into Daley Plaza in Chicago on March 27. Chanting “Save Our Schools,” they demanded that Mayor Emanuel stop the closing of 54 elementary schools and …

Defending the Food Stamp Program

Recently a friend sent me a story called “Don’t Feed the Animals.” All National Parks have signs warning against feeding the animals because the animals will get use to free handouts and lose their ability to gather food from their natural …

Modern Sweatshops in the Global Supply Chain

The definition of a sweatshop has not changed over the past 100 years. It’s not because hard work makes workers perspire that factories in much of the third world are still referred to as sweatshops. Tazreen Fashions Ltd., the Bangladesh …

Democracy vs Emergency Managers

The creation of a new form of government, which was adopted by the Michigan Legislature and recently enacted by Governor Rick Snyder, begs the question, “What is a representative government?” The independent act of hiring “Emergency Managers” …

Celebrate 70 Years of Struggle

Nelson Peery, celebrating his 90th birthday on June 22, 2013, has participated in the revolutionary movement for over 70 years. Discuss with him why it is possible today to create a new cooperative …

Illinois Fracking Front Update

Illinois’ “best in the nation” fracking regulatory bill has been stalled due to an amendment. This amendment number 3 would require a licensed, union water-well drill operator, on site at all times, while drilling …

Palm Sunday and A Remedy for Violence

On March 24 for the second year, churches and community groups gathered for a joint celebration of Palm Sunday determined to reaffirm the “Good News’—announcing a better way of living—a salvation. Violence is a daily …

The Dictators and Billionaires Take Control

The Whirlpool Corporation has unveiled a plan to completely gentrify downtown Benton Harbor, Michigan. This is being accomplished with the aid of the new Emergency Manager, Tony Saunders …

Sing A Song

early morning
sun in the sky
big yellow bird
pulls up to the front walk
and the doors open
and a song
falls down the stairs