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Housing crisis reflects dying system

  The city of Detroit recently announced it will begin foreclosure on nearly 30,000 tax delinquent homes. It is believed that 100,000 people could be affected. Around the same time, it was reported in the news that a landlord in …


Stop the killings

  A young reporter and cameraman killed on live television. A nine year-old girl shot dead through her bedroom window as she sits doing homework. A mentally ill man held in jail until a bed in a hospital opens up …

November is our Sub drive. Donate now!

The People’s Tribune relies exclusively for its financial support on those who read and write for the paper. We offer our pages to grassroots leaders who speak out on issues such as poverty, healthcare, housing, water, education, police …

Vision of a just society

Some have asked what my vision, as a Christian is, for a just society. So, for what it is worth, here it is: Well for one, Acts 2 described an egalitarian society, in the early Church, where resources were shared equally to each according to their needs, …

Letter to the Editor

This letter was sent to the People’s Tribune in response to the article in the September 2015 edition entitled, “Judge drops bomb on illegal water rate hikes in Flint, MI. FLINT, MI — Our water bill has tripled since we …

Tenant uprising in Silicon Valley

People in San Jose, California and elsewhere in the Silicon Valley area have erupted in a surge of organizing activity around skyrocketing rents and …

Don’t Shoot

Amadou Diallo
Twenty-three years old
Guinean immigrant in the Bronx,
New York.
His name rolls off the tongue
Like waves rising from the port of Conakry

Housing is a human right

“Human bodies need sleep—Humans need a place to sleep!” read the sign in front of a Tent City in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Hot dogs off …


I am reminded again
as though I didn’t know
down in the broken
homeless camps
down at the curb

Thousands of tax foreclosures devastate Detroit

Please understand why coming together is important! The NAACP is not doing it. The churches are not standing with us! Where are our people? Around 28,500 homes are being loaded to sell online right now! We should have thousands at …

Help get the People’s Tribune out!

Homelessness and the lack of affordable housing is a stark example of the degeneration of an economic system based on the private property of a billionaire owning class. Automation is throwing workers out, permanently. The corporate government will not provide …

Nelson Peery, 1923-2015

It is with great sorrow that we inform you that our beloved comrade, Nelson Peery, editorial board member and founder of the People’s Tribune, …

Upon Reading “Man With the Hoe”

Strangling in the muck of history. He leans against the tavern wall. And silently gazes across the Avenue. Where watchdogs of property. With vulture eyes …

Portrait of Nelson Peery

With a small stick he worked the grains of wheat
out of the cracks between the rotten boards
of the boxcar floor flying through the Depression
and built a little mountain of them in his palm,

Migrant deaths at the border occur every day

  DETROIT, MI — She stepped out of the Border Patrol truck sobbing. From San Luis Potosi in north central Mexico, the attractive 39-year-old woman had successfully slipped across the Rio Grande and had been trying to walk around a …

Divided we fall

The attack on immigrants in America is relentless, as the articles in this issue of the paper illustrate. We must draw a line now. It is not possible—and our rulers are well aware—to have a …

Is Trump The New Hitler?

Trump’s latest call for pogroms against about 12 million people, including “anchor babies” who are half this amount, and deporting all undocumented …

Letter to the Editor on Donald Trump:

Can I sue Donald Trump for defamation of character? My parents brought me to the US from Mexico. I am a proud father of two children. My wife …

On Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor, MI is ground zero in the corporate privatization of all things public and the outright theft of government of, for and by the peoples …