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Disasters: Why are the people being abandoned?

The damage, injuries, deaths and government abandonment of people after the recent hurricanes that slammed Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and elsewhere are just the first blow from the storms. The next blow will come …


DACA: No human being is illegal

  You can see the passion in the signs the Dreamers hold at demonstrations, with such slogans as “Undocumented and Unafraid” and “Keep Families Together.” One Dreamer said, “We do not want any legislation that throws our parents under the …

Puerto Rico: Save the people, not the corporations

  For years, Puerto Rico has been hammered by capitalism’s ongoing economic hurricane, and now Hurricane Maria has devastated the island. Some 3.5 million people have been left without electricity, without phones, and with little or no food, water, housing …

Life AFTER the storms

As we go to press, the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico is intensifying. Large parts of the island have no water or power. The US government is doing very little and very …

Life after the encampment

One thousand four hundred sixty days of homelessness, every day crawling into a tiny tent, my only entertainment being the woman next to me singing “Oh Lord, Why Me? …

Civil disobedience at Uptown Tent City

As we went to press, the homeless residents of the Wilson and Lawrence avenue viaducts were being moved, and, in some cases, having their tents and other …

psalm 137

under the viaducts
by the waters of Uptown
that’s where we sat down
and we remembered Zion …

A Paradigm Shift from the Homeless to the Heartless

When we talk about homelessness in Los Angeles on Skid Row, we’re talking about 60 % of the individuals being of African American descent. For the last several years there has been an increase of women …

Treasure Island: A lucrative homeless prison

For those trapped here, San Francisco’s Treasure Island, an artificial landform built in San Francisco Bay, is an inescapable toxic prison. Mothers and children are stricken with tumors and cancers from the Navy dumping …

The fight to keep water safe and publicly owned

Poisonous water. Water shut offs. Billions of people drinking water contaminated by plastic particles. Why is this shameless criminal disregard for the health of the people allowed? …

Flint Water crisis alive and well

A new study done by assistant professors David Slutsky at Kansas University and Daniel Grossman at Virginia University released a shocking report. Study and data from 2008 …

What would Jesus do? Single payer for all

I am a veteran, a person of faith, a pastor in the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, transgender, and a recipient of single payer with people in my life who live with disabilities …

What is ‘socialized medicine’?

On Sept. 25, disabled people once again led the fight for everyone’s health care when they disrupted a US Senate Finance Committee hearing on the worst bill yet, the ….

the cart he pushes

the cart he pushes
has a full load
but his sad eyes
are as blue as the light
on a silvery sea

Grandma is homeless

Let me see if I have this right. Grandma becomes homeless because she lives on a fixed income and the bills get to be too much. She reaches out for help, and the agencies that are supposed to help cannot. She tries to …

What’s on the people’s agenda?

As a community, we need to focus our energy on the legislative damage being perpetrated against us stemming from the whims of politicians and …

Community Education Protectors

The battle lines are being drawn in Oakland, California. Corporate interests, working closely with city government, are reshaping Oakland from a diverse working-class city into one of the most expensive housing …


Rise above the beastly nature
Be the human that you are
The struggle of endless competition
Ends in ultimate ruin
Resources depleted
Fertile ground left sterile …

Unity of all people

It has been a bad month for the people. We need a revolution now! We need a new society! Here is a rundown of the month: Another killer cop walks free in Saint Louis …

Peace over piece

The tension is depressin
Others hold the same aggression
Ain’t no telling but accepted as a life lesson
They say the root of all evil is dinero
Poverty terror …