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We all know

April 2017

We all know it takes a whole lot of wildness
For pain to gain and conquer the mind
To keep it thoughtless
Throughout its time
Of living

Book review: an abolitionist hero shows power of revolutionary press

January 2017

Napoleon once said that the way to learn the art of war is to study the lives of the great commanders. The same principle applies to the art of …


January 2017

Sleep falls hard under woolen blankets.
The day not cradled by a temporary small steel cot.
So much to set down, people to write.

Mni Wiconi: Water Is Life

January 2017

On cold flat North Dakota land
They rise in protest
The Standing Rock Sioux Nation
Burn sage and sing out
Will a pipeline steal
Across Standing Rock?

” Infected Souls”

December 2016

For plenty of years we’ve been oppressed, with drugs and violence
Day and night, all i seem to hear is sirens
Knocking on my drums as i walk and stomp the slums
Breathing the rhythm as i kick and rock the funk

What Happened?

November 2016

I remember when teachers and students looked forward to school,
We thought it was cool.

What happened?
The government corrupted;
Budget cutting.

We have budget cuts

September 2016

We have budget cuts
Schools getting shut down
teachers getting cut
Not enough books go
Home …

very poor

August 2016

very poor
written small
on a scrap
of poor cardboard …

Water is a human right: Poetry in Defense of Flint, Michigan

July 2016

This special feature section, “In Defense of Flint,” is a partnership between The People‚Äôs Tribune of Chicago and Caravel in response to the contamination of the city of Flint’s …

Live Community Culture

June 2016

A spectre haunts the Americas, a spectre composed of millions of artivists who have united to rescue communities from the attacks of the corporative …