Category: Poetry

What Will Be Left?

January 2019

What will be left when the last
Gasp of breath leaves the last coal
Miners lips, or the last roughneck
Slips into the black death? …

A regular fixture

January 2019

A regular fixture:
A hefty bag
Of her belongings
And a cushion to sit on
Around the corner

I Know Her from the Neighborhood

November 2018

She is your mother and my mother too
I know her from the neighborhood
She phones her son through the jailhouse glass
I know her from the neighborhood
She lies awake til her daughters come home
I know her from the neighborhood

Sweep Up

November 2018

sweep up
the southern
tides of
the human

The ‘Tears of Hate’ Arcane

October 2018

My tears last night
seeing my brothers
and sisters in GI Jews
were not only theirs
shed 73 years ago
outside liberated nazi
concentration camps,

“I am and will be Other”

October 2018

“I am and will be Other, until I write you into my heart and make you see my home as what it is. Just another extension of your own home. For there is no them; there is …

Poem from “Streetscene”

August 2018

I’d like to see capital
with lacerated knees crawling
from one reality to another
for a change.


June 2018

need you
on a sign


May 2018

In the most powerful nation
on earth, a flame
of fascistic fervor is taking hold,
fueled by privileges, corruption
and greed.

The Kids Heard the Sound

April 2018

  The kids heard the sound Looking all around Suddenly blood on the ground Time to make a change She’s only seventeen But I’m listening Time to make a change Her best friend died She was buried today Only sixteen …