Category: Poetry


April 2018

he has his precious
stash of books

out on the pavement
in the cold night

Now let’s go

March 2018

Now let’s go
But we can’t go

New Year Supermoon

February 2018

So full
so close
to the Earth
Bigger brighter
lightening the darkness
now slowly waning

Let There Be Respite

November 2017

Comes November rain.
Streets. Doorways. Sidewalks.

Peace over piece

October 2017

The tension is depressin
Others hold the same aggression
Ain’t no telling but accepted as a life lesson
They say the root of all evil is dinero
Poverty terror …


October 2017

Rise above the beastly nature
Be the human that you are
The struggle of endless competition
Ends in ultimate ruin
Resources depleted
Fertile ground left sterile …

the cart he pushes

October 2017

the cart he pushes
has a full load
but his sad eyes
are as blue as the light
on a silvery sea

psalm 137

October 2017

under the viaducts
by the waters of Uptown
that’s where we sat down
and we remembered Zion …

Too Old Young Men

September 2017

We’re a couple of too old young men
Who keep going back, again and again
Calling each other on the phone
Time’s passed, neither leave it alone


August 2017

J.W. told me tonight
that Mitch the Chipewa
died two nights ago.
“Over-exposure and drink.
39 years old.” “And he had
a bad ticker,” said Gyzmo’s