Category: Poetry

The Night

August 2017

The night had no effect
passing into dusk,
sleep comes abrupt,
kept from the dreamer.
Weaving without strings


August 2017

You keep burying it
Encased in flimsy
Away from the people
That you love

a nest

August 2017

a nest
of newspapers
in a niche
to lay
the head


July 2017

why can’t he sit inside
who found a cup with
a little coffee in it
and settled into
the cafe armchair?

i do not know “what i am,”

May 2017

i do not know “what i am,”
except a worker
to pay for groceries
like you

Homeless, Not Hopeless

May 2017

Sitting in my tent
More time spent
Everything’s just okay


May 2017

Lead in Flint water
Poison in Syrian air
Cancer in the dirt,
Cancer on the airwaves,
Tumors in the White House.

A whole lot of wildness

April 2017

Of living
It’s best to stay expressive than to hold in
We know the path our roots the inconvenient
So why trash the gift given
From Ancestors to give

Santa Ana Riverbed

April 2017

Take a walk along the river’s trail, move the tents to no avail
Little do they realize, each is a house for a pair of eyes
Will they ever realize?
Or continue spreading more lies

women all

April 2017

women all
along Drumm St
now young and old
girls with their
sleeping dogs