Category: Poetry

We all know

April 2017

We all know it takes a whole lot of wildness
For pain to gain and conquer the mind
To keep it thoughtless
Throughout its time
Of living


March 2017

Amici, friends, immigrants,
welcome to the land of broken hearts.
Your heart is – for different reasons,
or the same as mine – broken.

Student poem

February 2017

They try to fit us into the mold of the perfect student.
They try to create the leaders we already have in the new
generation. But don’t they see they aren’t working with the
generations now? We’re not the same.

The American Nightmare

February 2017

Welcome to the
“America dream”, where
the President uses drones
to kill people, …

gypsy woman

February 2017

gypsy woman
went downstairs
into the station with
her cardboard sign

“Let it bleed”

January 2017

I’m from the boondocks
An iron city full of rum and drugs
South Central slums no fun is where I’m spawning from
The 90’s unwind me to the time these Devils tried to blind me
my opponent is myself and only i can define me
I experienced the streets

A Student Deferred

January 2017

What happens to a student deferred?
does she give up
like there’s nothing left?
or does she keep going –
cuz its fun?
does she try her hardest to pass?


January 2017

Sleep falls hard under woolen blankets.
The day not cradled by a temporary small steel cot.
So much to set down, people to write.

Mni Wiconi: Water Is Life

January 2017

On cold flat North Dakota land
They rise in protest
The Standing Rock Sioux Nation
Burn sage and sing out
Will a pipeline steal
Across Standing Rock?

” Infected Souls”

December 2016

For plenty of years we’ve been oppressed, with drugs and violence
Day and night, all i seem to hear is sirens
Knocking on my drums as i walk and stomp the slums
Breathing the rhythm as i kick and rock the funk