Category: Environment

2010 BP Oil spill

April 2016

Concerned citizens of Springfield, Massachusetts, are trying to help our people who have been affected by the British Petroleum (B.P.) oil spill in …

Hundreds of Californians rally against oil trains

April 2016

Hundreds of people from around California went to San Luis Obispo on February 4 to urge the county Planning Commission to reject Phillips 66 …

No jobs, only lead poisoning for Flint and Baltimore workers

April 2016

How would you like to look into the face of your five-year-old daughter and know she is mentally retarded for life because you gave her a bath? …

Battle for prisoners’ rights and environmental justice in Kentucky

February 2016

The United States boasts the highest prison population in the world. The government constantly installs new, larger prisons to fill with “criminals” indicted for committing …

The Real Cost of Water

November 2015

  MERCED, CA — In the midst of a drought, and with wells on small farms and towns throughout the Central California Valley running out of water, oil and gas companies have been legally and illegally dumping chemical laden waste …

Access to water is a human right

August 2015

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and the Peoples Water Board have fought tooth and nail over these last 16 months, in every way possible …

Shut down risky oil and gas pipeline

August 2015

Last month at the conveniently inaccessible Mackinac Policy Conference, I interrupted Governor Rick Snyder during his opening remarks. ….

Emergency Manager law enables corporate takeover of Michigan’s water

August 2015

In 2001, the notorious right-wing think tank, Mackinac Center for Public Policy, devoted their quarterly magazine “Michigan Privatization …

West Virginia fighters speak out at water conference

August 2015

“My stepfather, father, grandfather and uncles all worked in the coal industry,” said Paula. “My grandfather was in the industry 45 years and …

Water Justice Journey

August 2015

The march came out of the International Gathering on Water and Housing held in Detroit in May. It began in Detroit where tens of thousands …