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Coal miner speaks about the fight to save miner’s healthcare

May 2017

  People’s Tribune: Chuck, what is going on with the miner’s benefits? Chuck Nelson: Back in 1946, Truman said if miners go back to work and mine the coal to build the steel to win the war, the government would …

Why can’t HealthCare be Free in America ?

April 2017

In America health care has become a profit-making $3.2 trillion-a-year business, and you will be allowed to die if you don’t have insurance or money. It’s estimated some 45,000 people die every year in America because they lack health insurance.

Health care is a human right, and should be available to everyone who lives in our country. Health care can be a for-profit commodity, or it can be a human right, but it can’t be both.

Medicaid still in crosshairs: the best defense is a united offense!

April 2017

The legislative defeat of the American Health Care Act unleashes the path to a real solution for guaranteed healthcare for all. Defense of Medicaid remains …

Public Healthcare is “waste” in the eyes of the super rich

June 2016

Underneath the growing division of society into the super rich and the super poor is an ideology that goes by a lot of names—“lean” or “agile” to name two. That …

Healthcare and Democracy: A Political Public Health Emergency

June 2016

“As registered nurses, we are compelled to advocate for all our patients, whether at the bedside or in our neighborhoods and communities. To that end …

Cooperative spirit key to ending homelessness

April 2016

Despite massive rollout efforts, Covered California (ACA and Medicaid Expansion), have not yet proved the long-term healthcare solution for the …

Flint in forefront of battle for health care for everyone

April 2016

  America’s inability to provide good health care for all is most clearly visible when we have a health catastrophe such as exists today in Flint, Michigan, a city of 100,000. The people of Flint were poisoned with lead and …

In The Bulls Eye of Health Insurance Pain!

December 2015

In front of the mammoth Blue Cross and Blue Shield headquarters in downtown Chicago chants of, “Hey Hey! Ho Ho!—Blue Cross/Blue Shield has Got to …

Psychiatric care and Illinois budget impasse

November 2015

All of us value health, but not all of us have to think about it every day. In this article I argue that the recent Illinois state budget impasse is/was deeply …

Access to water is a human right

August 2015

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and the Peoples Water Board have fought tooth and nail over these last 16 months, in every way possible …